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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Homeschool Log 9/30/09

Since this is more or less my way of record keeping I need to get this posted before I forget things. I'm running a little behind here.

Austin - Adding Fractions Set 2*
Amanda - Criss-Cross-Match Fraction Worksheet

Austin - Blue Cow and the Playground
Amanda- Chapter 12 for SOS Titanic by Eve Bunting

Language Arts
Austin - Noun Dunk*
Amanda - Singular and Plural Nouns Worksheet

*starred items found at Gamequarium

Austin and Amanda - Review Spelling Words

Austin and Amanda - Dance Mat Typing Level 1 Stage 2

Austin and Amanda - Chapter 34 from Anne of Ingleside by L. M. Montgomery

Austin and Amanda -Psalm 93, Psalm 94:1-15, Psalm 97:1-7, Psalm 98, Psalm 9:1-5, Psalm 100

Sign Language
Austin and Amanda - Unit 9 Vocabulary

Austin and Amanda - Quilt Block Coloring Pages

Austin and Amanda - The Science Channel - Really Big Things:Cruise Ship Builders

Preschool Fun
We read three stories.

Colored frog pictures.

Sing our new songs.

And count and talk about colors and shapes as we play.

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