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Monday, September 14, 2009

Caught in a Golden Cage

Chapter 3 of "Ordering Your Private World" by Gordan MacDonald begins dealing with the subject of motivation.

In this chapter he talks about the difference between being driven and being called. There are countless driven people doing very good things. But unless they are doing the things they are called to do they are not doing that which is very best, for themselves and for those around them.

Included in this chapter is a list of eight symptoms of a driven person.

1. A driven person is most often gratified only by accomplishment.
2. A driven person is preoccupied with the symbols of accomplishment.
3. A driven person is usually caught in the uncontrolled pursuit of expansion.
4. Driven people tend to have a limited regard for integrity.
5. Driven people often possess limited or undeveloped people skills.
6. Driven people tend to be highly competitive.
7. A driven person often possesses a volcanic force of anger.
8. Driven people are usually abnormally busy.

It is all too easy to become caught in the golden cage of accomplishment and yet find that within that cage there is nothing that lasts.

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