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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bits and Pieces From Our Weekend

It's been a busy, interesting weekend. Doug finished the signs that he and Austin have been working on for the last couple weeks. They made them for the craft show being held by our Rescue Squad next Saturday.

Austin and Amanda had money they had earned burning holes in their pockets and wanted to go to PetSmart and buy some more small pets. They both really enjoy taking care of and watching their pets and I believe it's good practice being responsible for other living creatures. So as long as they use the money they have earned for the pets and supplies and take the responsibility of taking care of them I don't mind if they have them. Austin bought three fancy mice (which are surprisingly cute) and Amanda bought two gerbils.

Here are the two gerbils. She named the brown gerbil Sarah, and the white one Emily.

Austin also bought a very nice cage for his mice that he and Doug worked together to assemble.

Austin and Amanda found a lot of interesting, very prickly seed pods in the fields behind us and brought them home. Then we decided to see what they would look like spray painted silver. I'm not sure what we're going to do with them now but I'm sure we will think of something.

Our Sunday morning turned out a little unusual. We went to church like we normally do. As we were finding our places to sit I noticed Austin was acting a little spaced out, like he didn't quiet know where he should go or what he should do. I thought he was just getting distracted by all the people around him. We were a little later than usual and there was a lot of activity around as people were finding there places. When worship started and we were standing as we sang, I noticed he was incredibly fidgety and reminded him several times to settle down. I also noticed it was very warm in the sanctuary and wished someone would turn up the air conditioning. A few minutes later I looked over at Austin again and realized he was half sitting , half standing in this awkward crouching stance. Feeling slightly embarrassed and wondering why on earth he was acting so strange today I gave him a light nudge to stand up straight. He didn't respond and when I looked at him closer I realized he had his eyes shut and he was extremely pale. So I got him seated and started asking what was wrong. When he was able to talk he said everything just went black, he felt funny and his stomach hurt. So I immediately took him outside for some fresh air. He was still looking pretty shakey so we decided to just go home. Doug decided to stop by the rescue squad where he volunteers as an EMT and take his blood pressure. It was normal. When we got home he wanted to ge rest but in about 15 minutes he was up again and has seemed fine since. I'm hoping it was just the warmth and stuffiness of the building today that brought that on.

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  1. Aw, gerbils! We had some - ha, well, if you call 27 gerbils "some" - before, awesome little critters!

    Heat can make a person feel horrible, especially indoors where it becomes the normal air-heat plus the heat from everyone's bodies.. I've felt sick indoors in the summer before. Hope that's all it was!