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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Want to Hibernate!

It has been in the 50s most of the day and windy, making me feel like fall has truly arrived. Actually, I feel like a bear. I really want to eat everything in sight and then hibernate. But since then not an option I've been contenting myself with curling up on the couch at odd moments of the day with some books I got at the library yesterday.

I have a fondness for, almost an obsession with, big old houses. We live in a big old house, built around 1900, and I can't imagine living anywhere else. I'm sure eventually we will, but I try not to think about it. And yesterday at the library I found two books about old houses, full of interesting history and beautiful pictures. Hearst Castle The Biography of a Country House by Victoria Kastner, and The National Trust Book of Great Houses of Britain by Nigel Nicolson.

We had a good day with school today. Everything went smoothly and both Austin and Amanda finished up early. Michael was not in the mood to do much of anything though. A lot of what I tried to do with him he pushed away.

School Log
Austin - Adding Fractions Set 1* He did this three times even though I only required once because he was determined to get an A+. He got an A the first two times but wasn't satisfied with that. This is the boy the school told me struggled with some things because he was lazy.
Amanda - Fetching Fractions Worksheet

Austin - Chinese Fables - Cup Bow Snake Reflection
Amanda - Chapter 11 from SOS Titanic by Eve Bunting

Language Arts
Austin - Noun Dunk*
Amanda - Common Nouns and Proper Nouns Worksheet
Austin and Amanda - review spelling words

*items found at Gamequarium

Austin and Amanda - Science Channel-Really Big Things
Austin-Build Your Own Time Machine This was not an assignment. Austin chose to do this activity on his own.

Austin and Amanda - Chapters 32 and 33 from Anne of Ingleside by L. M. Montgomery

Austin and Amanda - Psalm 29, Psalm 33, Psalm 65, Psalm 66:16-20

Sign Language
Austin and Amanda - Unit 9 vacabulary

Austin and Amanda - Quilt Block Coloring Pages

Austin and Amanda - Dance Mat Typing - Level 1 Stage 2
Both Austin and Amanda did extra typing because they were enjoying it so much.

Physical Education
Austin - 1 hour playing outside with friend - football, riding bikes, etc

Preschool Fun

1. Tonka Fire Trucks in Action
2. My Very First Things That Go
3. Abraham Obeyed by Stephen Elkins
We did a lot of counting items in the pictures.

Played with balloons and talked about the colors.

Played with the mosaics picture set and talked about the colors.

Listen to and sing along with children's cd of Bible songs.

Pretend play - cooking, shopping, taking naps, etc.

I seem to have misplaced my camera so I wasn't able to take any pictures today.

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