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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Plannning Day

Today has been gray and rainy outside, cozy and busy inside.

Thursday is my planning day. I plan my menu for next week, make the grocery list, plan next week's school assignments and make sure we have the supplies or put them on the list to buy when we do our weekly shopping.

Austin and Amanda do not have school here at home on Thursdays. On Thursday evening they go to the home of another homeschooling family and they often do some assignments there. So I give them the day off.

Today they spent quite a bit of time cleaning out the cages of all their pets. Since Amanda now has two rats and two gerbils, and Austin has three mice and two hermit crabs, they have a good bit of cage cleaning to do. When they bought the pets they did so with the understanding they were in charge of feeding, watering, playing with and cleaning up after them. And they have done an excellent job of it. A great way to learn responsibility. They also learn a lot first hand about animals. Great science.

A large part of their day was also spent in their rooms cleaning. Last week I talked to both of them and told them that they had the rest of the week to get their rooms clean. If they did not, then starting on Monday of this week their would be no free time until they were done. Very little was done last week, so this week has been a hard one for them. It's been hard for me to watch. But . . . They're getting it done. Austin finished his today. Amanda should finish her room tomorrow. I've been very proud of the way they've stuck to it without complaining . . . much. I've also told them that now that we've gotten this far, there will be no free time each day until it looks they same way again - Clean.

As for my challenge. If you don't know what I'm talking about see my post here. I've done pretty good but I don't think I'm going to do quite good enough. It's looking like I am going to have two very happy kids on Sunday.


  1. You've still got a couple of days--stay on track.

  2. lol I've given up on schedules for me. My job is just to slot everone else's schedule somewhere into my day. lol

    That is one brave challenge. Hope you make it.