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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Challenge

If you remember in this post I was happy because I had gotten up early and spent some time on the exercise bike. And I said I would report back whether I had continued success on following mornings. Well, I didn't. Not once the rest of the week did I get up on time for a repeat performance.

I have made myself so many schedules, promised myself so many times that I would follow those schedules. I have read books about time management, motivation, etc, etc. I have improved with time and gotten better at sticking to a semi-routine. I have gotten better at getting those unpleasant tasks done that I really don't want to have to deal with. And in general I am more productive than I was even a year ago. But not to the point that I know I could and should be.

It's not that I plan a schedule so full that there's no room for the unexpected and no time for fun. I've gotten very good at making schedules that include rest times, time for fun, family time, and creative time. There are blocks of time when nothing is scheduled. They are very beautiful, inspiring schedules - on paper. And that's where they stay, on paper, not translating into daily life. Oh, parts of them would be followed, and I might even make it through a whole day now and then. And then the new plan would be deserted.

I know my biggest problem is self-control. It's too easy to decide I just don't feel like it this time, I'll try again tomorrow, or next week. Mornings are the hardest for me. I always say I wake up one brain cell at a time. Which, considering how few I feel like I have left, shouldn't take too long. But, anyway, it takes me a long time (and at least two cups of coffee) to feel like I'm awake in the morning. But if I get my mornings started right the rest of the day flows so much more smoothly.

So -that brings me to the challenge.

My kids have schedules for their school work and their chores and their work in our home business. And they have me looking over their shoulders to make sure they stay on track. So I asked them to help me stay on track. I made my schedule in a way that looks very similar to theirs (only much longer) so they would easily be able to understand it. Then, I explained to them what I was doing and why. I told them that if I didn't stick to my schedule this week that on Sunday I would do all their work plus mine.

I loved Austin's reaction. He laughed, stuck out his hand and said "Deal." Amanda's excited. I think she thinks I won't make it.

But I'm up for the challenge.

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