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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Homeschool Log Tuesday March 2, 2010

Austin read another chapter of Pinocchio and is planning to read the last two chapters tomorrow.

He and his friend Tristan spent a lot of time together today. A lot of their time was spent playing games on Austin's laptop.

He also worked on the timeline for awhile. Right now he's working on measuring and cutting the construction paper strips we will need to construct the timeline.

This afternoon we played One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Go Fish. It's a  new card game (new to us anyway) that someone gave us and he wanted to try. It's very similar to regular Go Fish. He enjoyed it but I don't think it's going to be a favorite.

He watched more MacGyver episodes. I think he's watching season three now. He can never simply sit and quietly watch these shows. He yells, laughs and talks to the screen the whole time - very entertaining for everyone around him.

Amanda read chapter three of The Cross and the Switchblade by David Wilkerson. When she finished the chapter she told me it's starting to get interesting.

This afternoon we played UNO. I suggested we play points this time but she wasn't interested so I didn't push it.

Her friend Holly (11) was here this evening for a couple hours and they had a wonderful time together as usual.

Austin and Amanda
We read another chapter from The Shack this afternoon. We also read Joel 1 and 2. 

Both kids went to Gamequarium and watched Math and Language Arts videos.

It started snowing this afternoon and both kids along with thier friends who were here today went outside for awhile. They took shovels, hoes and other tools out to the big snowpile in the parking lot and were digging tunnels, ditches and caves in it. 

Chores, taking care of their pets and helping with the younger kids rounded out their day.

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