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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hallway Transformation

The downstairs hallway in my house has bothering me for a long time. It is huge and to me it was wasted space. I would look at it and think this is the size of a whole room, just elongated.

In the meantime, our "office" was a mess because we were also using it as an activity room for the older kids. One of our desks was actually in the baby room, where the daycare babies take their naps. This meant that if any of the babies was asleep we had to either risk waking them  or wait until they were awake to get anything from or work at that desk.

So I decided to do some major rearranging. Our hallway has now become an activity area. Our office can now truly be our office and as soon as we move the desk and a few other out of place pieces of furniture out the baby room I can start decorating is as a real nursery.

Here are some before pictures of the hallway.

Here are some after pictures.

We have a lot of windows and doors in this hallway with wide ledges so I added some fun details there.

I also have several flannel playsets so I decided to hang these on the wall at a level where they are easy for the kids to play with.

Our toddler room was  behind these doors. I didn't want them running helter skelter all over the house but I was tired of feeling shut in so Doug ordered me a large baby gate. This evening he and Austin put it up. Now our hallway and playroom are more of an open airy place instead of two totally separate areas.

This was the view from the hallway toward the playroom.

Now we have this instead.

A big Thank You to Doug for helping me move furniture, hooking up the computers for me and installing this baby gate.

I'm loving it!

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