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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Few Things Begin to Come Together

It's 10:32PM and I'm typing this while waiting for the last child for the day to go home. Well, actually, that's not quite true. Another child leaves around midnight, but his mother just comes in and gets him and I don't have to stay awake and wait for her. Another child will be staying overnight so that his grandmother can go home and sleep after her shift. The first child tomorrow comes in between 5:00 and 5:30AM. It's going to be a short night. Normally the first child comes an hour later there was a slight schedule change for tomorrow.

Michael seems to be feeling better and slept well last night so I hope we've dodged anything too serious with him. I have been giving him Motrin before he goes to bed just to make sure he isn't hurting and can sleep. But he hasn't had a fever so I think he's fine.

Austin's pediatrician's nurse finally called me yesterday with a date for Austin's next EEG. It will be March 24th. When I asked her about the Pediatric Neurologist appointment, she first said that they wanted to wait until after the EEG. Then she said we already had an appointment to see the Pediatric Neurologist March 31. I pointed out that we were seeing the Neurosurgeon not a Neurologist but she didn't seem to get the point. So I guess I'll wait until after the EEG and then ask again. Frustrating! I am glad to say though that Austin is doing well, although I still definitely have some concerns. (For background on our adventure with Austin see posts here and here.) My impression is that the seizure medication is helping.

I'm excited because tomorrow I am scheduled to have an interview with a family about keeping two little boys, ages 1 and 2. If this works out it will mean I can have my helper come back full time. I've been waiting for this for about six months now. Whether I have three children or ten children to take care of they need my constant attention and it's hard to have to try to do the other work that goes with this adventure while also caring for the children. To be able to focus nearly exclusively on the kids during the day is a dream come true for me.  If this family decides to bring the children here they would start on Monday. I'm hoping!

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