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Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Kitchen Counter

As I stood at the stove stirring the gravy for dinner I surveyed this disaster on my kitchen counter. How on earth, and why on earth did all these things land here?

Some of the things I can somewhat understand. The three sippy cups should be in the sink but at least they made it this far instead of ending up underneath a sofa or in the bottom of a toy box. The salt and pepper should be in the cabinet but again, I'm glad  they are in the kitchen instead of some other strange location. The bowl with the lid on crooked is our sugar bowl - it should also be in the cabinet. The bread maker should be in the pantry. So should the slow cooker. But they are kitchen related.

But why the fishing rod. Actually it's a broken fishing rod with all it's little pieces laying around it. 
Then there is the daycare log book, with a pair of scissors on top of it. And the little green notebook is one of Doug's record books. And the cell phone holder.  I'm not at all sure why any of these items are on the kitchen counter next to the stove. It's like there is some kind of magnetic force pulling all the random misplaced objects onto my kitchen counter. I I just hope I don't make a mistake and stir a few nuts and bolts or random sheets of paper into my gravy one day.

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