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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The EEG That Hasn't Happened - Yet

I've been trying to get another EEG for Austin. His pediatrician agreed to give us a referral and promised that his nurse would call us as soon as it was set up. So I waited for a few days and still I hadn't received a phone call. I thought maybe we would be getting the notice in the mail so I waited a while longer. Then I have to admit Austin was doing very well and it slipped my mind for a little. I suddenly realized it had been almost a month so I called the pediatrician's office and had to leave a message. The next day the office called back and apologetically explained that it had somehow been overlooked. She promised to get it taken care of right away. A few days later she called me back with an appointment for March 24. Today. So I made all the arrangements for our usual back up helper to take over here with the kids. Doug took  time off from work so he could go with us. This morning I made sure things were set up so that it would be as easy as possible for our helper. I wrote out the instructions and made sure I had taken care of the little details that help make the day go smoother. I called my helper to make sure she everything was still okay, even though we had just talked about this Friday. I got her voice mail so I left a reminder message. When it was close to the time to go I called her again. This time she answered and told me that she had received a call yesterday about an important meeting that she had to be at this afternoon so she couldn't make it after all. So . . .  Doug went back to work. I called the hospital and explained what had happened and rescheduled the appointment. Thankfully they were very understanding. So now we're scheduled to try again April 21.

Since I had already told the kids we weren't having school this afternoon, and now I don't have anything ready, and Amanda's not feeling good anyway. . . I guess I'll go do laundry.


  1. I thought this was done and over with already... I had no idea it was still an ongoing issue and thought no news was good news. Be sure to update in April when the test happens, OK? :)

  2. oo, that printed right away... you've fixed stuff! YAY!